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fly4.me provides you with technology to capture footage that will last a lifetime. Our drones are piloted by licensed professionals and allow you to capture aerial footage of private events. Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation or birthday party, our drones represent the most user-friendly and sophisticated advances in this emerging field. Our platform also gives you the opportunity to edit raw footage and ensure that your requirements are met.



Gain a strategic advantage and create a more detailed perspective for your listings using our drone technology. fly4.me drones will allow potential buyers to see a birds-eye view of the property and surrounding area and highlight components that would have otherwise been missed. For a modest price you will be able to show every feature of your property and attract a wide array of buyers.



fly4.me gives you the opportunity to create high-definition maps more quickly and for a more affordable price than other technologies. Whether you’re a real estate developer or a commercial farmer, our drones will give you the chance to explore potential sites for your next project. Our system works by capturing the desired area and transmitting the information through our platform, resulting in an interactive, user-friendly map. When deciding whether a potential location is worth the investment, having as much information as possible is crucial. Thanks to this emerging field, what would have once required you to hire a private plane and photographer can now be achieved for far less money using our unmanned system.



Our drones can play an essential role when it comes to performing inspections in dangerous or hard to reach areas, minimizing the risk to you and your colleagues. fly4.me technology can also document images after natural disasters and accidents, giving users a first-person view of high-risk locations. Our unmanned drones will give your organization a complete view of the desired area and provide critical information so that informed decisions can be made. In life-or-death scenarios such as a devastating earthquake or a search and rescue mission, using fly4.me drones could make all the difference.



fly4.me can be used by research organizations of all different types to gain more insight using aerial footage. Our high-definition images will allow you to explore new elements and gather more information no matter what the field of study. Our licensed pilots will be able to navigate the drone and give you the opportunity to capture the footage so that the results can be studied by any number of researchers.


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